These overnight beauty products work like magic while you sleep

If your mornings are usually spent in the rushed company of dry shampoo and shower gel, nighttime is usually a smarter bet to get into your beauty routine. No, you don’t need to indulge in a 12-step K-beauty regimen with exfoliators, toners and sheet masks – just arm yourself with these hard-working overnight beauty products that transform your skin, hair and nails, all while you snooze.

Real talk: At night, your skin is shielded from pollution, grime and all the other irritants in the air. Plus, you’re not slathering on SPF. With little to compete with, these overnight treatments perform better and deliver quicker results. Clinique’s Moisture Surge doubles up as a lightweight face mask that plumps and hydrates skin in 7 hours while Moroccanoil’s Mending Infusion repairs dry strands to save you from a bad hair day. After, if your lips feel parched after a long day of wearing liquid matte lipsticks, you can even try Laneige’s berry-scented Lip Sleeping Mask that moisturises dry lips with hyaluronic acid. 

Go ahead and maximize your nap-time with these overnight beauty products. It’s called beauty sleep for a reason. 

Overnight beauty products that work while you sleep
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