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Five products that’ll make your period better

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By Manali Shah  June 18th, 2019

In my eternal quest for things that make me feel better on my period, (apart from a tub of chocolate chip ice-cream and a sappy rom-com), I’ve tried a number of feminine care and hygiene products. And here are the results (that no one asked for, but that you will appreciate nonetheless–especially if your period is slightly more hellish than usual). These five products can significantly improve the quality of your period—tried and tested. Add these to your shopping cart before before Aunt Flo comes visiting again:

1) Pain relief patches

Next time your lower back hurts or you’re cramping up, don’t reach for a painkiller. The cooling sensation provided by pain relief patches work just as well, if not better. These herbal patches provide  instant relief and work for up to 12 hours. They are also discreet (can be worn under your shirt), making them ideal for workplaces, travel and any other situation where you can’t curl up with a hot water bag. Pick from homegrown brands Sirona or Floh.

2) Sanitary disposable bags

These biodegradable sanitary disposable bags by Sirona come with a seal to ensure there are no leaks or odour, making pad/tampon-disposal a breeze. Plus, the bags are small enough to fit into your clutch and bum bags.

3) PMS drink

Combat the dreaded bloating, fatigue and cramps (have we talked about cramps yet?) that come back every month, like clockwork, with &Me’s one-of-its-kind PMS drink. The beverage, which is available in four flavours (mango, cranberry, green apple and watermelon), is a blend of fruits, vegetables and spices. The ingredient list also includes Ayurvedic herbs such as shatavari (known for alleviating cramps) and ashoka (which helps normalise heavy bleeding).

4) Overnight period panties

If the fear of staining your clothes or bedsheets is making you sleep fitfully during your heavy flow days, give Kotex’s overnight panties a shot. These one-time use panties eliminate the need for a sanitary napkin, tampon or menstrual cup—just wear it and forget about it. It also provides the all-important protection on the sides.

5) Panty liners

You know those days when you’re on your period, but kind of not on your period? Panty liners are basically barely-there, super thin, mini sanitary napkins—perfect for when you’re spotting, or to wear on the last day. Pick from a number of international as well homegrown brands.