Try out these 7 pantsuit styles, inspired by our favourite Bollywood stars Advertisement

Try out these 7 pantsuit styles, inspired by our favourite Bollywood stars

From boardroom to boarding a flight, these pantsuits can be worn anywhere, everywhere.

By Japleen Kaur  July 13th, 2020

We all own that one blazer we’ve saved for rare occasions. But pantsuits are no longer just attire for attending meetings anymore. Apart from being super comfortable, there are multiple pantsuit styles you can explore. Bollywood is leading the way by playing around with colours, cuts and prints. Browse through the gallery below for some fashion inspo:

1. One Pop, Says It All!

Pick a bold colour that defines your personality and wear it like the boss you are. Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd with colours such as teal, bright yellow, orange or even this gorgeous pink that Rakul Preet pulls off gorgeously. Keep the shoes neutral to complement the outfit.

Zara Basic Blazer Fuchsia – Rs 2,790 
Zara Tuxedo Trousers with Side Taping – Rs 2,790 



2. Stripe Tribe

Stripes have a way of standing out and not many opt for it but if you go for a light colour such as a beige or pastel pink, it’ll be a great date day outfit. Team it up with sneakers if you want to keep it casual. Take hints from Priyanka Chopra Jonas and get shopping.

Ajio Project Eve Western Wear Flat Front Trousers – Rs 750
Ajio Project Eve Western Wear Striped Blazer – Rs 2,449 

3. Check 'N' Mate

Whether you like them small or big, checks can never go out of fashion. Go all out with them by pairing it with a basic tee. This combination looks amazing with pumps or even brown boots. We especially like what Kangana has done with her hair here – simple yet classy!

H&M Fitted Jacket – Rs 2,999 
H&M Wide Trousers – Rs 1,349 


4. Go Long

There are cropped jackets and then there are blazers that come till your knees. This time, we’re interested in the latter. Taking a cue from Sonakshi Sinha who has taken monochrome to a new level. A coat with wide pants is what we want to live in.

Zara Blazer With Turn-Up Sleeves – Rs 5,990
H&M Suit Trousers – Rs 1,349


5. Pop it, Lock it…

Polka dot it! The only way to bring some party to the mix ft. Sonam Kapoor. The crouched up pants are something that could be used with a kurti as well.

Zara Polka Dot Blazer – Rs 3,990
Polka Dot Slouchy Trousers – Rs 2,790 

6. Rainbow Love

If there is anyone who can master this style, then it’s Ranveer Singh, followed by Alia Bhatt. We had you there, didn’t we? Have fun with the pantsuit with a burst of colours and accessorise it with hoops and some shiny heels. Take this look from date to dance without any effort.

Forever 21 Wide-Leg Linen Pants – Rs 1,125
ASOS Jersey Wrap Suit - Rs 1,880

7. End It With Black

Go back to the basics because if Deepika Padukone does it, we do too. Those leg hugging pants are a style statement in every way. If you’re not up for it, we have picked a pair of stretched ones for you.

H&M Long Jacket – Rs 2,299 
H&M Super stretch Trousers – Rs 1,299 

Photographs: Instagram