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The one skirt style India’s designers are loving this season

Warning: It's not exactly flattering

By Rochelle Pinto  February 5th, 2017

Designers don’t always work in the best interest of the human body. Case(s) in point: Bandage dresses. Mom jeans. Skyscraper heels. Go over to your closet right now and look with a critic’s eye. How many of the “on-trend” items in there have you actually worn? No need to keep reading if the answer is mom jeans.

A new trend brewing over at Lakme Fashion Week has us facing the conundrum again. Paperbag waists on billowing skirts and loose cropped pants have appeared on runways from Rara Avis to Nishka Lulla and Urvashi Joneja. What you hear is what you get — the paperbag waist literally mimics the shape of a McDonald’s takeout bag that’s been crumpled by the hand of an over-enthusiastic French fry addict.

Gathering at the wearer’s waist with exaggerated folds, it manages to add bulk to even the most disciplined midriff. Pair it with this season’s romantic blouses, and you’re looking at a Little House On The Prairie homage that’s just too real. 

Is this a trend you can get on board with? Tell us how you’d style the paperbag skirt in the comments below. 

Nishka Lulla
Nishka Lulla
Rara Avis
Rara Avis
Urvashi Joneja