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The one thing you should never say to Parineeti

She'd issue a governmental ban on this word, if she could

By Sonam Savlani  November 30th, 2016

There’s a whole lot of things that Parineeti Chopra can’t quite wrap her head around, including leather pants. (“I don’t get fashion trends in general” is the disclaimer.) “That Friends episode where Ross empties a whole bottle of talcum powder on himself really ruined it for me. That’s how I think they must feel: tight and hot.”

If Parineeti were allowed to issue a serious, governmental ban though, she’d let leather stay and go for the adjective ‘bubbly’. “I wish people would stop calling me that. I’m definitely a very enthusiastic person. I’m definitely a very cheerful person. I’m not arrogant. But that doesn’t make me ‘bubbly’. I know what it means, I know what they are trying to say. And I’m not that.”

She considers it either a bored compliment or a veiled insult — short for grating, perhaps, with some harmonics of not-sexy. And she won’t be having with it. “The ‘sultry divas’ become eye candy, and the cute girls-next-door become ‘good actresses’,” she rues.

Photograph: R Burman