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Parineeti Chopra’s trick for maintaining her sexy new body

Is cheap, and by the looks of it, effective

By Salva Mubarak  December 13th, 2016

While Parineeti Chopra would gladly have the government ban the word ‘bubbly’ once and for all, you’re hard pressed to come up with another adjective for the Ishaqzaade actress the first time you meet her. As she takes the stage at the launch of Motorola’s newest smartphone, Parineeti’s, ummm… let’s call it effervescence, is on full display. She keeps the crowd enthralled with random bursts of Bollywood dialogue between fielding questions ranging from her guilty pleasures and dream roles to weight loss (FYI, her tried-and-tested hack for maintaining her newly toned body is to give herself regular pep talks while looking in the mirror). 

ELLE: What’s the one beauty secret that’s been passed down your family for generations?

Parineeti Chopra: Nothing *laughs*. The women in my family don’t invest any time in beautifying themselves and I’ve grown up seeing that. But the one thing I’m careful about is taking off my make-up before I sleep.

ELLE: You’re the fittest you’ve ever been. Has that made you more experimental with your fashion choices?

PC: Definitely. The kind of clothes that I’m able to wear today, that’s not something that I could wear two years ago. Obviously, if you have a fitter body, you can pull off different silhouettes. Me and my stylist, Sanjana, are also constantly working towards styles that I’ve not tried before.

ELLE: Who are the designers on your wishlist?

PC: I’m actually not that person. I don’t like making lists, or lusting after things. Whatever I like, I pick up.

ELLE: What’s your online guilty pleasure?

PC: Online shopping. I’ve realized that I don’t go to malls or stores to shop, I only do that when I’m abroad. So online shopping is something that is slightly easy for me to do.

ELLE: There’s an emerging trend of classic Hollywood movies being remade with an all-female cast. Is there a Bollywood film you’d like to star in with other female actors? 

PC: For sure, Dil Chahta Hai. Alia (Bhatt), Shraddha (Kapoor) and I have spoken a lot about doing DCH, we’ve even spoken to Farhan. We can leave the male leads to the director; I just want the three main ones to be me, Alia and Shraddha.