Manish Arora and Rahul Mishra lit up Paris Fashion Week this year

A special collaboration between Austrian crystal brand Swarovski and Indian designers Rahul Mishra and Manish Arora rendered Paris Fashion Week even more dazzling than usual this year: hundreds of crystals shimmied down the runway as a part of their respective Spring/Summer 2019 collections.


We have come to expect a riot of colour and eclectic accessories from a Manish Arora show, and the designer did not disappoint. He outdid himself, playing with hues ranging from powdery pastels to bright neons, accentuated by coloured crystal beads, pearls and Arora’s signature heart crystals, all from Swarovski. Our favourite look from the sportswear and ’80s-inspired line was also the brightest: a bodice made purely from crystal beads of all shades.

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Mishra’s latest collection speaks a language of nostalgia. He recreates the sights of his childhood: the landscape of his village, the peacocks, flowers and trees. The dewdrops he would see on the lotus leaves in the pond by his boyhood home, were recreated using tiny crystals from Swarovski made from natural elements such as quartz and minerals. Fifty crystals are placed on each hand-embroidered organza leaf, to create the understated extravagance Mishra is synonymous with. In fact, the Morning Dew Pleated Crop Top which features 115 leaves, took 45 hours to make.

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