This Paris-inspired fashion label is perfect for the girl who loves black and white Advertisement

This Paris-inspired fashion label is perfect for the girl who loves black and white

It's their signature look

By Shweta Gandhi  August 2nd, 2018

What do you have when you take away all the colour from the world, barring black and white? Timeless fashion, believes Sayana Gonzalez, founder and creative director of DeWAR, a French boutique brand. Launched last year, DeWAR is heavily influenced Parisian fashion that is translated through the two classic shades. We chatted with Sayana, who tells us more about the brand and its new midseason capsule collection:

ELLE: What is the ideology behind DeWAR? When did you launch the brand?

Sayana Gonzalez (SG): DeWAR comes from my grandmother, Vanina de Warkoska, who started the label in Paris back in 1938. Unfortunately, the brand closed down when she passed away, but we revived it in 2017 when we launched in April with a store in New Delhi. DeWAR’s ultimate goal is to create luxury clothing which also represents art and culture. Every collection we make is culturally relevant, and we believe that collaborations and connectivity are the way forward.

Paris Shoot 2

ELLE: Tell us about your Mid-Season Treat capsule collection. What sort of fabrics, prints and textures have you used?

SG: I’ve lived in Paris for 7 years, and I’ve wanted to do a photoshoot there for a while. So when I was travelling to Paris for work, I took advantage of the opportunity and created a Mid-Season Treat capsule collection that was perfect for travelling and adapted to the Parisian style. We’ve borrowed prints from the SS19 trends and created new styles for it. The collection blends in classic designs. It also features textured and printed silks, linens and jacquards. We are very texture-focused, and this is because of our signature monotone look — our blacks and whites need to be rich and textured. For this collection, we have used a unique composition of black and white linen with silver lurex. 

ELLE: What was your design inspiration for this collection?

SG: This capsule collection is inspired by Le Corbusier, a French architect, designer and painter who is often considered as one of the pioneers of modern architecture.

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ELLE: What are the silhouettes you have used?

SG: We have played with a masculine silhouette and added some feminine accents. We’ve focused on power suits, as we believe they reflect the confidence that embodies the deWAR woman.