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A Beginner’s Guide To Dressing Like A Parisian

Plus, some swoon-worthy looks

By Gargi Agrawal  December 9th, 2020

There may be umpteenth possibly chic women around the world but here’s a fact: there are just more of them in Paris. From their tousled yet alluring hairstyles, Breton stripe tees, neckerchiefs to making trench coats look oh-so-sophisticated, there’s no doubt that we’ve been trying for years straight to emulate their style. But like they say—c’est la vie.

What makes Parisian women so different? And even after putting no effort, how do they ace that effortless look? Why is it that women across the globe secretly harbour a desire to look one bit like them? In case you’re looking for answers and are on the French bandwagon with us, then you’re a few words (scrolls!) away from breathing and dressing like a Parisian.

Here’s everything that you need to inculcate in your style to cop the well-kept French sartorial secret.

Think Neutral

One secret to dressing the Parisian way is to stick to a neutral colour palette. Think blacks, whites, beige and brown. French women often love to add a pop of colour to their neutral look to break the monotony. Whether it’s a pink Le Chiquita with khaki overalls or a sap green blazer with beige, the tip is certain to make you look one with those on Champs-Élysées.


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Develop A Signature Look And Stick To It

The key to dressing like a Parisian is to avoid giving in to trends and sticking by a signature style. Whether you have a penchant for a white tee with denim or an all-black outfit, then that be it. Take notes from fashion influencer and French IT girl, Julia Roitfeld.


Bring Out The Stereotypical Stripes

A simple way to ace the French gal vibe is to sport a Breton stripe tee. Pair it simply with a pair of jeans or trousers and add flats or trainers to finish the look.

Invest In classics

Mary Jane shoes might look ancient but for the French, it’s a timeless addition to their everyday sartorial game. When rerouting yourself to the French route, the key is to invest in classic pieces. Whether it’s an Hermès Kelly handbag or simply a tweed jacket, realise that it will be of value, spread over time.

Pay Attention To Detail

Sometimes, they forego their signature looks for something more avant-garde. French favourites include puff sleeves, sweetheart necklines and barrettes.

An Overcoat That Goes With Everything

An integral element in French dressing—an overcoat to Parisian women is like what salt is to pepper. The longer and looser (yet tailored) the coat, the better.

And voila, tu es prêt.

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