Stop and smell the roses at Delhi’s Paro studio for a lesson in vedic well-being

For those taking the initial steps towards slow living—or those who are too high-strung but still think it’s a quaint idea—Paro offers beautiful yet simple well-being ideas for this lifestyle choice. It’s the result of founders, Anita Lal’s and her daughter Simran Lal Rai’s decades-long deep dive into vedic culture, which places emphasis on living by nature and seasonality. 

At its experience studio in New Delhi, you’ll find several tempting reasons to slide into the slow lane: a brass loban fumer for a grounding evening ritual, pillows stuffed with buckwheat husk to aid sleep, and beautiful handloom separates that fit right into a minimalist’s wardrobe. You can’t leave without spending a few minutes (or hours) in the Botanica section, Paro’s unique take on apothecary. Here, Paro’s resident aromatherapist, Colin Hall will help you find butters that soothe your skin and soul, essential oils that alleviate anxiety or a deeply nourishing face oil to tackle rosacea. Hall also creates custom blends to suit personal preferences. “Essential oils are our powerhouses. They enter the bloodstream, dermally, and have a marked effect on your emotional and physical well-being,” he says.

I put one of Hall’s custom blends to test: a mix of cucumber seed carrier oil to nourish dry skin with may change and vetiver essential oils (a mega dose of calm) that would help me wind down for the night. Just the simple ritual of massaging it into my skin lifted the tension off my shoulders. When I woke up the next morning, I wondered: how do I feel fresher than usual. Then it hit me: it was Paro!

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