4 Parsi women on their most precious heirloom jewellery and the stories they hold

A piece of jewellery is more than just an accessory; it is a record of a time, a mood, of lives and loves. And heirloom jewellery, handed lovingly down, is a veritable archive of a family’s history. ELLE asked four women belonging to Mumbai’s Parsi community—characterised as it is by a sense of nostalgia and antiquity—to let us into their personal stories by way of their most precious jewels (some of them nearly 200 years old). To complement these precious pieces, the ladies wore traditional, hand-embroidered Parsi saris, called garas—also inherited, also loved. 

 [Gallery id=”598″]

Photographs: Neville Sukhia, Styling: Rahul Vijay, Art direction: Reshma Rajiwdekar  

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