Payal Khandwala’s binge-watch list is all the visual inspiration you’ll need

With dramatic, yet minimal silhouettes, fashion designer Payal Khandwala considers the human body a simple shift in canvas, and orchestrates clothing that is rich and varied in colours and textures. Her designs are imbued with a timeless, aesthetic quality, and it is safe to say that she is a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world.

Besides colour, culture and composition, the designer is inspired by a variety of movies that are visually aesthetic, witty, and engrossing. Here are her top five recommendations. 

The Fall
“This movie continues to inspire my work when it comes to colour, composition, details and art direction. Each frame is like looking at a vivid, dramatic painting.” says Payal Khandwala. We couldn’t agree more.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

This is a fascinating crime-comedy, tailored with director Wes Andersons signature wit and humour. “From the king of story-boarding, this movie is like watching a gorgeous, illustrated story come to life. The palette, the production design and distinct characters all come alive in an effortless, magical way,” Payal says.

The English Patient

For everyone who has been yearning for a dramatic love story, The English Patient is perfect. “It’s the kind of love story that makes all romantics swoon with the drama, the cinematography, the grand, haunting score, and epic performances,” she shares.

The Hairdresser’s Husband

Heads up: get ready to have your heartstrings tugged at. “A love story without any drama, this movie is real, bittersweet, and serves as a reminder to us, to cherish the people we love. It also questions the very existential nature of love, and is truly a sensitively-made, memorable gem,” says the designer.

Crazy Stupid Love

For all you rom-com fans out there, this one’s for you. “What a great lighthearted movie about relationships, marriages, love and life. The writing is so smart and so funny, and there are powerhouse performances by a great cast,” Payal Khandwala shares.

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