Payal Singhal’s latest beauty collaboration is just what every bride-to-be needs

Radiant, glowing skin is every bride’s number one accessory, and no one knows this better than Payal Singhal and Michelle Ranavat. The chill bride’s go-to fashion designer, Singhal recently collaborated with the founder of Ranavat Botanics, the holistic slow beauty beauty brand, to create a wedding beauty ritual kit inspired by homegrown beauty remedies. The limited edition box features a luxurious saffron-infused serum (to boost glow), soothing steam-distilled jasmine water (to calm pre-wedding jitters), a fragrant hair serum (for a nourishing touch), and a scarf with Payal Singhal’s signature print. Not only does it make the perfect bridal gift, we suggest you buy one for yourself as well. We chatted with the duo about their partnership and their top bridal beauty essentials…

ELLE: How did the collaboration come about?

Michelle Ranavat: Payal has always stood out to me as an artist who is not afraid to blend traditional Indian silhouette with western inspiration. In doing so, she’s empowering us to express our dual identities and the many roles we play throughout our lives.

Payal Singhal: Ranavat Botanics honours traditions and inspires a lifestyle of personal rituals. I was impressed by Ranavat’s modern take on ancient elixirs and royal inspired skin treatments. It has been exciting to collaborate with Michelle, who is equally passionate about keeping our Indian traditions alive.

ELLE: What was the inspiration behind this box?

MR: Payal and I wanted to create a collection that really spoke to both our identities: The Royal Ritual but also the PS Girl who is a fierce game-changer. The collection is dressed in her signature print, which makes this the most indulgent gift.

PS: The collection is for anyone who would love to build a beautiful self-care ritual, but at the same time it is a great gift for brides, bridesmaids and an amazing choice for festive gifting.

ELLE: What’s your advice for any bride-to-be?

PS: Relax and stay calm during the weeks leading up to the wedding–stress shows on your skin. I love traditional Indian skincare rituals for a pre-wedding beauty routine; you can include besan and malai scrubs, multani mitti masks and Ayurvedic massages.

MR: This collection will help you set up the perfect ritual for super glowy skin—well after her wedding day. Start by misting the Jasmine Tonique (the pure, organic blend of jasmine flowers) to tone and hydrate. Follow it with a few drops of Radiant Rani Brightening Serum—a saffron infused elixir to make the complexion even and radiant. Finally, end your ritual with Mighty Majesty, our jasmine and amla-inflused hair serum. Apply it to the ends of your hair in the morning or use it as an overnight oil treatment for deep conditioning.

ELLE: Your top essentials for a bride on the wedding day…

PS: A well-fitted, comfortable outfit that you love; a comfortable pair of heels, an extra outfit for any ‘just in case’ situations, a bridal kit with pins, tape, hair accessories for any last minute fixes, and make sure all your jewellery is labelled and packed in boxes.

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