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What makes people afraid of you, according to your zodiac sign

The stars spill secrets

By ELLE team  August 4th, 2017

Other than predicting the ups and downs of your love life or your biggest strengths and weaknesses, your zodiac sign could also offer you a cheat sheet to understanding your interactions with other people. Have you ever considered how the negative traits of the zodiac you were born into may actually be the reason for people to stay away? Is it your anger, Aries, that tends to hurt even those closest to you? Is it your dispassion, Capricorn, that makes you seem cold and unfeeling?

Explore how the fault in your stars could be working against you, and take our tips to reduce the negative impact on your life and relationships:

What scares people about you, according to your zodiac sign


Geminis are great communicators, and people enjoy engaging with your intellectual mind. But when it comes to your indecisive nature and your restlessness, people find it difficult to rely on you. If you can’t be consistent with yourself, how can you be consistent with others? 


Aries, with fire as its element, is known for its energy, enthusiasm as well as its aggressive streak that comes up every now and again. When you see red, make sure there is nothing valuable around you, for you may just break it in your fury. Your anger issues can push potential friends and lovers away—so take a deep breath next time you feel the onset of a temper tantrum and count to 10. 


Practicality or idealism… practicality or idealism… practicality or idealism… You get the gist. Just like the two weighing scales keep swaying from side to side, you switch between options, and your inability to decide can eventually turn people off. Your need to be fair and just at all times can bring order to the world, yes, but your friends may not agree with that approach all the times. 


Yes, Leo, you’re the leader and the dominating one amongst your friends, but that’s because they’re your friends and they see the positive in you, too. However, if you try to force your ruling nature upon strangers or throw your arrogance around for no valid reason, you might find people start staying away from you. And then you wonder what went wrong?


Spiritual and other-worldly, people close to you, Pisces, will always think you’re lost in a different world. And you are, floating away in a world made of dreams, where everything is rosy and beautiful. Your disconnection with reality can push people away, and your natural psychic ability can sometimes freak people out. Add to that your moodiness. But hey, when it comes to your sensitivity and ability to understand people, you’re winning. Try to maintain a balance, and we can all go back to the world being rosy again.


Your friends are watching you as you silently shed tears, not knowing how to console you. And how can you ever be consoled, moody Cancerian? Your ever-sensitive nature makes you take everything so personally that your heart just feels full of hurt. Isn’t that why you’re crying in the first place? Just know that the love, patience and support your inner cranky cry baby may not be provided for, and that your clinginess and neediness may actually be scaring people away.


Capricorns are as serious, responsible and detached. Your logical mind may sometimes overlook the emotional aspect of situations, which makes you come across as hard, cold and unfeeling. Though we both know you’ve got your heart in the right place, try to not let your mind overrule your heart. It’s okay to let go sometimes, rather than your friends letting go of you.


Grounded, just like its element earth, Taurus is logical and responsible, but also stubborn and uncompromising. When you want to drive your point home, you do it with such sheer force that the other person has no option but to back down, if they want to retain their sanity. Life doesn’t always go the way you want it to, so choose your battles carefully, or one day you’ll wake up and wonder where all your friends disappeared to.


Your ability to think futuristic inventions or innovations are a gift, agreed, but not everyone is that gifted to understand the fast pace of your mind. People around you will consider you a bit eccentric, because the way you function is miles apart from everyone else. You enjoy your freedom too much, which may not work well with your friends who hate being alone. Do we sense a problem?


The wise Virgo showers practicality all around. Your methodical approach to life helps you give direction to those around you, but sometimes, it makes you overly critical. As you are aware, no one likes harsh criticism, so if you have to make your point, do it subtly. That’ll work wonders.


Your habit of not using diplomacy while communicating can make it very hard for the other person to listen to the bitter truth. You find it difficult to mask or pretend what you’re feeling, and expect your close ones to take you as you are. While there’s nothing wrong in being yourself, do remember that people sometimes do like sugar-coated sentences.


You should probably wear a T-shirt that reads “Can sting like a b*&^#” because when someone crosses you, you literally cross them out of your life. Whoever said revenge is sweet was probably a Scorpion. Though you usually keep yourself closed off from people that makes you all the more mysterious, when people do get close to you, you tend to get possessive of them. Too much control isn’t good for anyone, Scorpio.