How to nail a super sleek ponytail, according to Kim K's hairstylist Chris Appleton Advertisement

How to nail a super sleek ponytail, according to Kim K’s hairstylist Chris Appleton

And look much chicer than you did in your school days

By Bridget March  October 23rd, 2017

Ponytails are a perma-trend in terms of hair, but recently the high and tight look has overtaken low and loose as the coolest way to wear them. The sleek power pony is a signature look of Chris Appleton’s, the Color Wow brand ambassador and hottest hairstylist in Hollywood right now. Having admired his handiwork on A-listers — from Jennifer Lopez to Kim Kardashian — we asked him to share his how-to.

Step one:

“Blow-dry your hair working in the direction of the ponytail. This will make the pony smooth and snatched.”

Step two:

“Secure the ponytail tight to the head using a bungee cord for extra hold.”

Step three:

“Apply some light gel around the hairline to clean away any flyaways.”

Step four:

“For a flirty finish on your pony, use a three-inch curling iron on the ends to create a bend in the hair.”

Step five:

“Finally, apply some Color Wow Pop & Lock on the ends of the hair for a glossy, sleek.”