Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop just launched an augmented reality shopping app

Pernia Qureshi, the brains behind Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop, has taken a step further to make it simple for shoppers to have instant access to designer clothing. The entrepreneur has now launched an iOS and Android app that simplifies the overall shopping experience. “With over a million visitors on the website every month, our intention was to reach the on-the-go consumer,” says Pernia. The app ships worldwide and offers cash on delivery.

However, it is their sketch-to-reality feature — launched a few months ago on the website — that will really intrigue you. Claiming to offer India’s first augmented reality online shopping experience, the feature lets you customise a sketch into your dream ensemble. So essentially, all you have to do is pick a design that works for you, and then choose the fabric, colour, embroidery and other details you would like your outfit to have. Just make sure your location services are on for the app to show you prices in INR, since it delivers worldwide.

Initial bugs and glitches aside, it’s definitely easier to browse products on the app if you enjoy shopping on your phone.

You can download the iOS app here and the Android app here.

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