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We found a waxing treatment that’s almost pain free

Tears no more!

By Tatiana Dias  July 11th, 2019

Painless waxing is a concept that doesn’t quite exist. Although everyone’s tolerance towards pain varies, we can definitely relate to the sinking feeling the moment hot wax is dripped on to our skin. It’s the calm before storm. With so many options of hair removal (and the choice to go au naturale), putting yourself through excruciating pain seems frivolous and unnecessary. However, for the times you want to, there’s a way to do it with minimal torture. And for someone who has a pain threshold of a newborn, I was intrigued to see whether this actually works.

So, what exactly is this new treatment?

Jean Claude Biguine Spa and Salon has introduced a luxury waxing treatment that is perfect for delicate and sensitive areas. The non-strip depilatory disposable wax by Cirepil is a hard wax that doesn’t require fabric strips to remove the hair. Unlike normal wax, this doesn’t come as a thick liquid. It actually comes in the form of beads, which are then melted into a viscous cream like formula. Like other products, this too felt warm and gooey when applied, however, within a few seconds, it slowly hardened and turned into this rubber like strip. The beautician gently yanked off the wax, removing most of the hair in one go. This really surprised me.

For anyone who has used a razor before, you’d know that the hair tends grow back unevenly in different directions. This makes it difficult to remove with just one application. When using regular wax, I usually need to go over one area at least three times for an almost perfect finish. Doing that results in painful red, bumpy and super sensitive skin. Plus, it manages to remove the shorter hair too. The fact that Cirepil took only two attempts at best, made the experience far less aggressive. Since the wax dries and becomes the strip itself, it is easy for the beautician to maneuver it to fit and remove hair from harder-to-get-to areas.

While the whole treatment might not be entirely painless (I mean, you are pulling out hair from the root), it makes waxing bearable. The results last a few days longer than regular wax and it exfoliates and removes the top layer of dead skin cells. Apt for a Brazilian, bikini and underarms, this particular treatment can also be used on your legs and arms too. If you’re looking for a less painful, more long-term waxing treatment, then I would recommend giving this a try!

This service is available across all Jean Claude Biguine outlets in India