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Petit Fou paper clutches

A work of art that holds your phone, keys and wallet

By Deepa Menon  August 25th, 2015

When the Germans decide to obsess over something, they go full-bore. Paperlux, for instance, declares its obsession in its name. Not content to create 3-D etchings on creamy paper and seriously luxe catalogues for their clients, they recently launched a fashion line called Petit Fou. These clutches would make a great gift for a vegan you love. Or anyone with a weakness for cute bags. These little things made of paper fold up into almost nothing, but are also large enough to hold your essentials on an evening out. They’re mildly water-proofed, just enough to repel sweat, and their structure, which incorporates little folds, strengthens them and makes them resistant to tears. They come in medium and large sizes and at about Rs 2000 (approx.) each, they’re not too spendy, either. Shop for them here.


Flip through to look at the Petit Fou line.