This new diet tricks your stomach into feeling full

It could be the end of regretting those extra helpings at dinner. This new diet proves the trick to reaching your satiation point faster is high-fibre foods and a longer consumption time. So while we practise chewing each bite 32 times, here’s how to load up on fibre the right way…

Know your type

It’s futile to say you get all your fibre from fruits. You need a combination of soluble and insoluble fibre for effective results. The soluble kind (found in oats, fruits and veggies) slows digestion and balances sugar levels, while insoluble fibre (found in wheat bran, wholemeal bread and brown rice) helps clear your bowels.

Ditch the health bars

They may be loaded with fibrous foods like oats and nuts, but nutritionist Madhuri Ruia says, “They cause a sudden drop in your blood sugar level, which increases your cravings later. You’re better off eating a fistful of almonds and an apple instead.”

Mix it up with other food groups

You can’t fill up on fibre alone. Ruia recommends 10g a day, but mixed with a healthy portion of proteins, fats and other nutrients. “Only then can your body sustain itself for three to four hours without any unhealthy cravings,” she says.

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