This photographer is encouraging us to embrace racial diversity in the most unique way

With infinite colours, you would think that “black”, “white”, “yellow” and “brown” aren’t the only ones that pop into one’s head when talking about racial diversity. Because anyone who has ever sat through art class knows that not all shades in the crayon box are the same, so how can a single colour encompass all the diversity of a single race. Not all Indians are brown, which you will discover if you ever go shopping for foundation with your best friends.

humanae racial diversity project

Humanae, the project, came about in an attempt to highlight the diversity within each race itself. “What I want is to destroy the concepts of colours associated with race and, also, destroy the concept of race itself and all the codes, prejudices, and cliches established with it,” Angélica Dass, the photographer behind the project, told i-D magazine. She hopes people will view the various shades and start to see colour and diversity differently, including how we view ourselves and others around us. 

humanae racial diversity

Dass used the Pantone system which is a standardised colour index as no colour is given more importance as any other on the scale. “It is industrial — closely associated with something practical, equitable, and repetitive.” The minimalist shots have been taken over a period of ten years. “I want to use this reflection and this material as an educational tool to embrace the different as equal.”

 racial diversity humanae

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