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What fragrance should you wear—according to your zodiac sign

Chanel or Elizabeth Arden?

By Najooka Javier  May 23rd, 2019

There’s nothing like finding a fragrance that suits you; these tiny potions have the power to elicit emotions and also speak volumes about your personality. But most of us struggle with finding one AND then wearing it for every occasion. You see, a fruity or citrus scent isn’t a great choice for the evenings and mists are just too sweet. Also heady fragrances aren’t really the best choice for a day out.

So how do you find the perfect scent? Your zodiac has a strong impact on your personality and, since fragrances reflect your personality, you could try letting the stars guide you.


Impulsive Aries, your fragrance needs to speak of courage, confidence and passion. Citrus notes mixed with deeper scents like black pepper or bourbon vanilla complement your personality and your need to give 100% to everything you do.

Try Chanel N°5


Warm, patient and passionate about the little things in life, the Taurus woman is intense and deep just like her element – Earth. Natural smells entice you and your perfume should reflect that. Striking a balance between earthy fragrances such as rose, jasmine, musk and amber would be the perfect blend for your sign.

Try Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue


The twins are versatile, lively, and intense; find a scent that combines the intensity of woody fragrances and also has undertones of floral scents that exude your femininity

Try Gucci Guilty



The Cancer woman is a kind soul that cares immensely. She can be moody and passive-aggressive at times but that’s just the way she is. This adds spice to her otherwise sweet and gentle personality. Warm vanilla blended with the intense tones of amber is perfect for this moon child.

Try Coco Chanel Mademoiselle



The one thing that the lioness exudes is strength. Leos are naturally born with a very strong personality that is royal and elegant, like the Queen of the jungle. Your ideal scent talks about your bold and ambitious personality that’s ready to take on the world. Let the scents of wildflower, rosemary or jasmine speak for you.

Try Gucci Bloom


The earth sign is warm, sensitive and caring. You are truly hard working and give your 100% to relationships, work and friendship. The refreshing scent of lemon and patchouli or warm vanilla with a playful hint of fruity fragrance is a great choice for the Virgo woman.

Try Elizabeth Arden Always Red Femme


Librans are all about balance and diplomacy; they are excellent at making everyone happy. They enjoy harmony and often put others needs before themselves. They are also charming and often loved by all. The perfect potion for the affable soul includes romantic floral scents with refreshing citrus undertones.

Try Stella McCartney's STELLA


The mysterious, intense, passionate and seductive Scorpio is considered to be the most sensual of all the zodiac signs. Chrysanthemum is your flower and water is your element, your birthday gem is a deep red bloodstone and so your perfume should be a mix of intense deep notes blended with aquatic hints and musk.

Try Miss Dior


The fun-loving and adventurous personality of a Sagi is no secret. With intense zest for life, the Sagittarius woman is a breath of fresh air. But you also have an intense side that’s known for being deeply empathetic. Your ideal fragrance is a mix of playful citrusy notes with the more powerful scents of spices and hints of romance with creamy florals and sensual woods.

Try Jo Malone Dark Amber & Ginger Lily


The earth sign is extremely determined and goal-oriented. The Capri woman does not let anyone get to her because she knows what she wants. Notes of n tulip and lilac are a good choice for your levelheaded personality that’s both strong and sensual.

Try Cartier La Panthere


The air sign’s personality is idealistic and loyal. She is spontaneous and independent and loves to take chances. Scents such as lavender and pine or warmer tones like musk and vanilla create a surprising blend—just like your personality.

Try Chance by Chanel


A hardcore romantic, this water baby is sensuous and deep. Lively and dreamy, the Pisces woman is always up for an adventure. Her personality is much like the fish that’s constantly moving, so what better than scents like pink water lily, southern gardenia and marshmallow for her.

Try Elizabeth Arden Green Tea