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Find the plant that best suits your personality

Your best bud awaits

By Carli Whitell  May 16th, 2017

Whether your surname is Ambani and you’re living on the 42nd floor of the world’s most expensive private residence, or broke AF and crashing in your parents’ guest bedroom, the easiest way to spruce up your private space is by enhancing the green cover. Plants improve oxygen levels, add a dash of colour and generally improve the vibe of any home. But like humans, not all plants are a match to your personality. Some require too much care and maintenance for weekday-raging party animals, while others shrubs might be too low-key for your inner perfectionist.   

So how do you find your best bud? 

Find a plant best suited to your personality

If you're a plant whisperer

Try an orchid. “They can be so fickle because their environment — temperature, light, humidity — needs to be strictly regulated,” says Michael Leach, owner of Dynasty Toronto.

If you're perfectly average

Fiddle-leaf fig trees are like teens – they can be a bit moody, especially because they require a lot of bright, filtered light (read “no direct sunlight”).

If you can't commit

Rent a plant. Specialised gardeners and new-age nurseries tour your apartment to get a feel for your decor/sunlight situ/lifestyle and lend you your ideal match. (Some companies will even return regularly to water it.) This is popular on film sets, so it’s possible your cycad rubbed fronds with an A-lister.

If you're new to the game

Tropical plants Zanzibar Gem (pictured here) and golden pothos are hardy enough to withstand you ghosting on them for a week or two.

If you're a no hoper

Try a leafy wallpaper. Studies say just being around the colour green can be soothing.

From: Elle Canada