Pokémon Go: 5 things to know about the most addictive game of 2016 Advertisement

Pokémon Go: 5 things to know about the most addictive game of 2016

Nerds won't stop talking about it

By Hasina Khatib  July 11th, 2016

1. Basics: Pokémon Go is a game that relies on your GPS and camera to function. It requires you to get off the couch and actually walk outside. (No, walking three times around living room won’t work.) Your onscreen avatar moves in tandem with your actual, physical self. Beware, couch potatoes.

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2. Once you start the game, it resembles Google Maps; the game ties into real world locations – but you’ll identify them as Pokéstops (which provide a host of collectibles including PokéBalls, eggs and potions) or Gyms or Pokémons!

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3. Long story short: the end goal is that you gotta catch ‘em all. Fyi, there are 151 of them so you might as well bid adieu to your social life.

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4. The game released on July 7 across iOS and Android and has since hit #1 on the iTunes store. While the game has formally launched in a handful of countries including United States of America and Australia, but the international launch has been halted following server issues. There are several jailbreaks doing the rounds in India, though. 

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5. The game needs a fair warning: One player in Wyoming discovered a dead body while scouting for Pokémons. Elsewhere, a Reddit user had to make a trip to the hospital emergency room for a foot fracture. (He tried to save face by claiming he was walking his dog.) Stay safe, keep your eyes open, and in the name of all that’s holy, catch ‘em all!

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