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Sharpen your pencils and crack this quiz for fashion pro status

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Compiled by Nidhi Jacob


1. Masaba Gupta is the creative head for this brand besides her own.

4. What is Karl Lagerfeld’s super-stylish cat’s name?

6. This 19-year-old British-Indian model has been spotted in two consecutive Burberry campaigns.

7. What do Seinfeld, Obama and Steve Jobs have in common?

9. This tricky trouser style is making waves this season.

12. Which Indian designer created Sonam Kapoor’s dhoti-sari hybrid at Cannes 2014?

13. Who designed Pharrell William’s supersized hat at this year’s Grammy Awards?

17. What is the title of Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso’s tell-all book?

19. Deepika Padukone has designed a limited edition collection for this high-street brand, famous for its shirts.

20. Which Brit supermodel has ‘Embrace your weirdness’ in her Instagram bio?

21. Lupita Nyong’o wore this label on the night she collected her Oscar for 12 Years A Slave.

22. Which designer is Kiran Rao wearing on the cover of ELLE this month?

2. Who is Tod’s iconic D Bag named after?

3. Nicolas Ghesquière is the creative director of this French luxury fashion house.

5. Dragoo, Snobius and Wild Jess are part of this brand’s accessory range.

8. Which designer’s collaboration with H&M is set to hit stores in November, this year?

10. Who designed Kim Kardashian’s wedding gown?

11. This young, ‘trippy’ actress is the face of the Miss Dior campaigns.

14. This new Indian label run by a young sister duo made headlines recently for winning the LVMH Special Prize.

15. Rahul Mishra won the 2014 International ___________ Prize.

16. What do floaters, camel-toe jeans, slip dresses and cycling shorts have in common?

18. Miley Cyrus has a lip tattoo of this emoji.


Give up? Scroll down for the answers.






1. Satya Paul

4. Choupette

6. Neelam Gill

7. Normcore

9. Culottes

12. Anamika Khanna

13. Vivienne Westwood

17. #Girlboss

19. Van Heusen

20. Cara Delevingne

21. Prada

22. Rajesh Pratap Singh

2. Princess Diana

3. Louis Vuitton

5. Fendi

8. Alexander Wang

10. Riccardo Tisci

11. Jennifer Lawrence

14. Miuniku

15. Woolmark

16. Nineties

18. Sad cat