Prada is selling a paper clip for $185 and the internet is outraged Advertisement

Prada is selling a paper clip for $185 and the internet is outraged

'This better hold my life together'

By Sara Semic  June 27th, 2017

Prada is selling a money clip in the shape of a paper clip so that you can hold your massive wad of cash together, and the world of twitter has understandably gone into a frenzy over the high price point.

The hella fancy paperclip, which is stocked at, is retailing at the price of $185, and people are outraged at the cost of what they perceive to be an upmarket office supply.

prada paper clips 

Although this extravagant thing-you-never-knew-you-needed, which is made in Italy from polished sterling silver and has ‘Prada’ engraved on one side, has been around for some time, the world of Twitter has only just discovered it, and is finding it hard to justify the top dollars you’d have to relieve yourself of in order to acquire one.

Not since the launch of that Balenciaga IKEA bag has the Twittersphere been so animated.

“By the time I buy the paperclip, there won’t be enough for it to hold,” one user wrote.

It was only a matter of time before Clippy, Microsoft’s Office Assistant, was dragged into the debate. “This one better talk to me like my good old pal Clippy from microsoft…’ one user commented.

But if $185 seems like a bit of a stretch, you can buy Barney’s own version which retails at $150—a bargain in comparison.

From: Elle US