How to safeguard your breasts from premature sagging

You can’t battle against the forces of nature; it’s a pointless fight. Your youthful, pert boobs will lose their perkiness, and that’s perfectly normal. While we accept this as a natural inevitability, we see no need to succumb to it earlier than necessary. The fact of the matter is that ageing and pregnancy aside, lifestyle factors like exercise and others speed up the process. While you shouldn’t have to sacrifice any of these — with the exception of smoking — there are ways you could offset the negative effects on your breasts. 

Why do breasts sag?

Even if you’re super fit, your breasts are not made of muscle. It’s just the way nature intended it. They are made up of fatty tissues, glandular tissues and Cooper’s ligaments.  The Cooper’s ligaments offer minimal connective tissue to support the breasts and stretching of the ligaments causes the breast to sag. Ligaments stretch due to various reasons, the most common being age. Pregnancy and dramatic weight loss also result in sagging breasts.

What are the causes of premature sagging of breasts?

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How to fight gravity’s effect on your breasts:

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