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How to safeguard your breasts from premature sagging

Perk up

By ELLE team  September 7th, 2017

You can’t battle against the forces of nature; it’s a pointless fight. Your youthful, pert boobs will lose their perkiness, and that’s perfectly normal. While we accept this as a natural inevitability, we see no need to succumb to it earlier than necessary. The fact of the matter is that ageing and pregnancy aside, lifestyle factors like exercise and others speed up the process. While you shouldn’t have to sacrifice any of these — with the exception of smoking — there are ways you could offset the negative effects on your breasts. 

Why do breasts sag?

Even if you’re super fit, your breasts are not made of muscle. It’s just the way nature intended it. They are made up of fatty tissues, glandular tissues and Cooper’s ligaments.  The Cooper’s ligaments offer minimal connective tissue to support the breasts and stretching of the ligaments causes the breast to sag. Ligaments stretch due to various reasons, the most common being age. Pregnancy and dramatic weight loss also result in sagging breasts.

What are the causes of premature sagging of breasts?

Alcohol and cigarettes

Cigarettes aren’t just taking years off your life, they’re taking years off your breasts and face as well. Smoking reduces blood flow and oxygen to the skin, damaging collagen and elastin. This makes your skin more susceptible to wrinkling and sagging. Alcohol causes dehydration and bloating, both not great for the elasticity of your skin. Not to mention you’re more likely to smoke when you drink.

Drastic weight loss and weight fluctuations

Like we said before, your breasts are mostly fatty ligaments so it’s natural to go down a cup size after losing weight. A balance of cardio and weight training is needed to build up your chest muscles in order to minimise sagging. Your skin also needs to adjust to your new shape, think of it like an inflated balloon with the air being let out. The skin needs time to restore its elasticity, and constant weight fluctuations will affect that. 

Wearing the wrong bra

Most women go through their entire life wearing the wrong bra size. If the bra is too big, this will put more pressure on your skin to hold everything in place, too small and you may be cutting off blood flow. Finding the correct bra for you is paramount. Especially when you work out, try and wear a sports bra, as it will keep everything exactly where it should be during those rigorous routines. Find the right support system.

How to fight gravity’s effect on your breasts:

Moisturise and massage

Massaging draws blood to the surface of the skin and helps with skin cell rejuvenation and tightening. Use natural oil as a moisturiser while massaging to firm the skin as well as improve the texture. A bi-weekly boob massage doesn’t sound like the worst way to prevent sagging.


Exercise correctly

While all exercise is good for you, some are better for your breasts. Workouts that specifically target the chest region, such as push-ups with your elbows tucked in and planks build the pectoral muscles. Wear a sports bra and, if exercising outdoors, apply sunscreen as the sun has the same affect on your chest as it does on your face.



Slouching isn’t just making you look sloppy, it’s also making your breasts sag. When your shoulders are constantly bending forward, the pectoral muscles loosen and cause the breast to sag. So avoid slouching at your desk and even more when you walk because all that movement isn’t helping anyone

Cold showers

Hot showers may help wash off the grime, they also dry out your skin and open out your pores. Cold showers, however, do the exact opposite, tightening your pores and locking in moisture. Also, alternating between hot and cold water could increase blood circulation to your breasts.