Prince George, toddler and trendsetter Advertisement

Prince George, toddler and trendsetter

eBay names the Brit royal the year’s biggest fashion force

By Deepa Menon  January 2nd, 2015

He’s a little more than a year old and wears whatever anyone puts on him. But, thanks to his somewhat well-known family, Prince George has the power to turn the fortunes of any fashion brand red-hot simply by showing up in one of their clothes. So far, his wardrobe tends to sturdy, retro style—with lots of blues, stripes and pictures of sailboats. And everything he’s worn, from his swaddling blanket as an infant to a backpack he’s clearly too little to carry, has seen a huge swing in demand. eBay recently declared that Prince George has been the most influential celebrity in fashion, driving more sales on the site than Kim Kardashian.

When his parents released these pictures of His Royal Ruddy Cheeks in mid-December, they ensured designer Cath Kidston’s knitted tank top with the guards motif sold out instantly. The top, ‘as seen on Prince George’, promptly showed up on eBay for twice its original price and the site reportedly sold 1,70,000 of the designer’s outfits as a direct result of these images:

For his first trip abroad, to Australia and New Zealand, His Supreme Smooshables wore this romper with sailboats on it, by Belgian brand Les Petites Abeilles. Thanks to the international coverage of this tour, designer Désirée von Hohenlohe got orders for this romper from all over the world:

More sailboats. During a play date in New Zealand, Prince Creampuff wore this pair of navy blue dungarees and demonstrated his mastery at Banging Toys About. And the designer Rachel Riley went from little-known to full-blown famous.

The royals clearly believe in colour-coding the genders. In another blue outfit, this time a pair of overalls by French brand Petit Bateau, His Exalted Ruler of the Kingdom of Cheeks is enjoying the few carefree years he has left before he finds out the meaning of the word paparazzi. The overalls sold out within days of the release of that photo. Also hotly in demand are those shoes for ‘pre-walkers’ called Early Days Alex.