Sid and Alia are masters of subtle PDA Advertisement

Sid and Alia are masters of subtle PDA

We see what you're doing...

By Hasina Khatib  April 25th, 2017

Priyanka Chopra just wound up her hectic schedule of ruling red carpets, chat shows and movie trailers alike, and made her way to home, sweet home this week. We’d have thought that her welcome home bash would be about, well, her; but Sidharth Malhotra may have stolen her thunder.

Though their fans have driven themselves into a state of frenzy, Sidharth and Alia Bhatt have remained about as tight-lipped over their relationship status as the Game Of Thrones showrunners over Season 7. But a sleuth’s eye will notice those not-so-public declarations of affection that give these lovebirds away. For starters, the actor drove Alia over himself, delegating good friend and mentor Karan Johar to the backseat. If you got a problem with that, maybe call dibbs a little faster next time, Karan?

alia karan sid

After a night of merriment and drunken Karaoke (we hope), the couple left together, with Sidharth channelling some more old-school chivalry by holding the door open for his lady. Are we setting the bar too low by applauding this basic gesture? Perhaps, but in the age of ‘meninism’ and misogyny, even the little things count.

alia sid party

As for Priyanka and the rest of the gang? They may not have had a courteous boyfriend hanging on to their every word, but they had a helluva time anyway. 


Welcome back, Priyanka. It’s been way too long.