Priyanka Chopra's latest move is as unconventional as her career Advertisement

Priyanka Chopra’s latest move is as unconventional as her career

The actor is exploring new territory

By ELLE team  October 4th, 2018

After turning singer and more recently, announcing a book, Priyanka Chopra is all set to don a new hat. The star has just announced that she’s now a tech investor… and we certainly didn’t see that coming.

Our homegirl will invest in Bumble, a dating app founded by Whitney Wolfe Herd where women users initiate communication with matched male users. Often dubbed as ‘the feminist Tinder’, Bumble will be making inroads to India soon (single ladies tired of receiving unsolicited di*k pics on dating apps, rejoice). Priyanka will also invest in Holberton School, a coding education start-up whose mission is to educate people from underprivileged backgrounds. She was introduced to the world of tech investing by her manager, Anjula Acharia, who also doubles up as an angel investor.

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It was amazing to finally meet you @sundarpichai love to the family.. #google @anjula_acharia

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In an interview with The New York Times, the Quantico star said her focus would be skewed heavily towards companies founded by women, and companies with an element of social impact. This ties in perfectly with what Priyanka has stood up for, time and again. She has been a Unicef advocate for children since 2006, focussing mostly on developing nations. She recently visited Bangladesh to draw attention to the plight of the Rohingya refugees, spending time with kids at the refugee camps.

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When Mansur Ali, 12 yrs old, first came to the Child Friendly Space (CFS) at the Balukhali camp, he was only drawing scenes of bloodshed and violence. Helicopters shooting at him and his friends playing soccer… or his village and home being on fire with burning bodies all around him.. Today, his drawings reflect a more hopeful story, one we would like all these children to have. Since the #Rohingya children have arrived in Cox’s Bazar, they have been living in overcrowded camps with no real place that to call their own. Imagine a space that lets you forget your troubles and be a child again… even if its only for just a few hours a day. For the Rohingya children, over 300,000, in the camps in Bangladesh this is the only space that allows them to be kids. These Child Friendly Spaces created by @unicef give kids access to art, music, dance, sport, and counselling etc. The space has often proved to be very therapeutic, helping these kids deal with the horrific situations they faced.. the @unicef aid workers work tirelessly to make sure these children find their spirit again. It doesn’t matter where a child is from or what his or her circumstances are… NO child deserves a life without hope for the future. The world needs to care. We need to care. Please lend your support at #childrenuprooted @unicef @unicefbangladesh

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She also took fiancé Nick Jonas to Mumbai’s St. Catherine’s orphanage after their roka ceremony in August. Priyanka has been visiting the orphanage for 12 years now and the duo delighted the children by taking turns to sing and dance.

4 stereotypes that Priyanka and Nick are shattering with their relationship:

1. Don't date a man who is shorter than you

Priyanka is taller than Nick for starters, and she still wears heels. Let's just say that height is a taboo that needs to be struck off our books, stat. Take a look at celebrity couple Sonam Kapoor Ahuja and Anand Ahuja — the Bollywood star is taller than her businessman husband, but that hasn't interfered with their relationship at all. 

2. Don't date a man who's younger than you

Society thinks it's perfectly fine, even normal, for there to be huge age differences between partners – just as long as the man is older. It's completely normal for Bollywood actors to be seen courting women two decades younger than them onscreen (not to mention off it). But women who date younger men get saddled with unfortunate nicknames and raised eyebrows. Priyanka is not here for these double standards, and has zero interest in what you think of the 10-year age gap between her and Nick. That's commendable, especially when every move you make is going to be documented and dissected by 7.6 billion people. Take it from the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, who's three years older than her new husband, Prince Harry. 


3. The man should be the breadwinner in the relationship

Let's make it clear, Priyanka was never going to sit back and let a man pay for her. What's cooler here is that, by all accounts, she's more famous, makes more money and is more influential than her date. Just looking at their social media, the Quantico actor has over 59 million followers hanging on to her every word and following her fashion choices, while the singer-songwriter's clout stands at a powerful but smaller 25.2 million. Kudos to Nick for not being threatened by a woman who is more successful than him. 

4. Don't date a man from a different culture

She's 100% desi. He's American, born and bred. But does that matter? Not really. In fact, it's an opportunity to learn more about each other's culture and traditions, and soaking in the best of both worlds. Nick even commented on one of Priyanka's Instagram posts with a cheesy but 100% accurate "Mujhse shaadi karogi?" Another great example? American actress Meghan Markle, who's a member of the British Royal Family now. Here's to successful and long-lasting relationships.