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Priyanka Chopra changes outfits 5 times a day

Sounds like a workout

By ELLE team  June 15th, 2018

In the last couple of years, since the time Priyanka Chopra set up base in New York and began shooting for Quantico, her sartorial choices have taken a 180 degree turn. And we wouldn’t expect anything less, given the fact that the actor is styled by Mimi Cuttrell, the creative brains behind supermodel sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid and Kaia Gerber’s impeccable style. In a recent miniseries, Priyanka reveals how fashion influences her life and her work while sharing her tricks of the trade. 

She changes outfits 5 times a day

Life as a celebrity in the world’s greatest fashion capital has its perks. “Fashion is a huge part of my life and also a part of my job. I literally get photographed every day — I change 5 times a day, from red carpet looks to street style to television appearances. That’s my life — I’m always changing out of clothes and changing into clothes, and being really chic at it.” 

She has a talented team of celebrity stylists

“I have a team of stylists around the world that works with me, including Mimi Cuttrell and Cristina Ehrlich. I love the creative process of working with Mimi; she gets my vibe and the fact that I want a point of view in every outfit. Cristina is hugely responsible for a lot of my iconic red carpet moments. This year, we worked on my Met Gala look. She has such a sense of classical beauty and what makes a moment, and I love that about her.” 

Her transition from a teenage girl to a fashionable, successful actor

My teens were more of tight pants, ponytails, hoops, puffy jackets… Yeah, I was that girl in the ’90s. And then came the 2000s, when I became an actor, and I started wearing everything — jewellery, clothes, hair and make up — until I realised I look like a Christmas tree. Then I backtracked a little and became too simple. It took a couple of years to find my middle ground and I finally found my feet in my 30s — as a woman, and as a fashionista.” 

Her favourite trends RN 

“Do I have a pattern? I think I do — I’m into dresses, and I love a good shoe. A couple of trends I really like right now are: smaller sunglasses (which Mimi actually put me on to) and monochrome. I love sets and matching them, and being a little more turned-out using funky accessories to break the monochrome up.”  

But, trends aside, fashion is all about being true to herself

“Through my career, I’ve understood myself and realised that I have to be true to me and what I want to say, no matter what the trends may be. Before a (red) carpet, I always have one or two options, just in case. And when I’m doing something custom, it has to be a dress that truly works for me. Fashion is such a personal thing to each one of us. We can get inspired by the people we see all around us, but it has to be personal to you, and that’s where I started my love affair with fashion.”

On her recent red carpet looks

“My favourite collaboration with Cristina was the Met Gala last year, because it was such a departure for me. I remember being so stressed out in the night before, thinking “I’m wearing a trenchcoat to the Gala,” and worrying that I was going to disappear and not be seen. But when I wore the train, I realised it’s not just a trenchcoat… Also the Emmy’s in 2016, the red Jason Wu gown was my all-time favourite look from my career.” 

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On surviving her crazy schedule 

“Today, I don’t remember what I wore this morning, or what interview I gave or how my day started. People ask me, “How do you always look fresh when you have a crazy life like that?” I think you just have to love what you do. So find time to do what you love. Or, try and love what you are doing. That’s what I do. Even with this craziness, I remind myself that I love (every bit of) it.” 

Priyanka’s covetable collection of handbags:

Her bag wardrobe is partial to Valentino, but we do blame Pier Paolo Piccioli for making it impossible to select just one. Priyanka indulged her soft spot for studded backpacks with another pick from Valentino’s Rockstud range. 

Given how quickly the Prada Saffiano Cuir tote flies off the shelf, we’re guessing Priyanka queued up early to get hers and has since been holding it dear. Not that we blame her; the roomy beige number scores majorly on both form and function. 

Given the choice between lugging a tote and shrugging on a backpack, Priyanka would gladly advocate the latter, but greater men have succumbed to the charms of Givenchy. The stately Antigona duffel was a constant by her side during the recent Baywatch promotions spree. 

Her list of luxury indulgences continues with the Gucci Sukey tote that has been by her side for better part of the past decade. The original GG tote packs in roomy interiors, the signature Gucci print and major street cred.

What’s a Bollywood A-lister without a monogrammed Louis Vuitton backing up her star status? Priyanka’s trusty Louis Vuitton tote (circa 2014) would like the world to know that she's only just beginning her conquest, thank you very much. 

Tone-on-tone ennui? Not for Priyanka. The Baywatch diva’s airport visits are a nod to the military trend, with her favourite Maison Valentino backpack. "I carry my whole life in my Valentino camo-print backpack. If I get on a plane and lose my luggage, I can survive with just my backpack," she admits.