Priyanka Chopra net worth: the cross-continental movie star is making crazy amounts of money Advertisement

Priyanka Chopra net worth: the cross-continental movie star is making crazy amounts of money

Bollywood + Hollywood = Rich AF.

By Mehera Bonner  August 8th, 2018

Priyanka Chopra is one of the hardest working women in Bollywood—not to mention in its foreign counterpart, Hollywood. The 36-year-old actress has truly done it all, from starring in her own television show (sup, Quantico fans) to dabbling in pop music, and she’s won beauty pageants along the way. So yeah, she’s made hella money. How what numbers would a Priyanka Chopra net worth calculation throw up? Allow me to break it down for y’all.

About that time she won Miss World

Much like Honey Boo Boo, Priyanka used to live that beauty pageant life. She even had a *huge* moment in the spotlight when she won the 2000 Miss World contest. It’s not completely clear what her prize package consisted of (other than a massive crown), but rumours circulating ’round the internet suggested that the 2017 Miss World winner got over a million dollars. Again, these are just rumours, but we’re guessing Miss World winners typically receive *chef’s kiss* compensation.

Her Bollywood career = A huge money maker

Priyanka’s Bollywood career is, in a word, LIT. Like, guys, in 2008 *alone* she starred in seven films. How did she even have time to film them all? That’s more than one film every other month?! Maybe she can time travel?! Lucky for her, she’s one of the highest paid actresses in Bollywood, earning up to Rs 9 crore per film, which is just around a million US dollars.

Her Hollywood career = Also a huge money maker

Are you sitting down? Because Priyanka’s leading role in Quantico made her SO MUCH MONEY. Forbes estimates that she took home Rs 20 crore or $3 million per season, for three seasons total. Which, using the math skills I still have left over from primary school, means she earned Rs 60 crore or $9 million for working on the show. Priyanka made her Hollywood film debut in Baywatch in 2017—and while it’s not publicly known how much she banked for the role, you better believe she has an exciting career ahead of her.

Guys, don’t forget about her turn as a pop star

Proving that she can truly do it all, Priyanka was signed to Universal Music Group in 2011 and casually became a singer. She even released a music video in 2013 for her song, “Exotic,” which featured freakin’ Pitbull. Priyanka’s singing career didn’t go super far, so it’s fair to assume that she didn’t make much money on this single. But whatever, how many of you have released singles with Pitbull?

And finally, there are her endorsement deals…

In the year of our lord, 2018, you know that actors (especially actors with poppin’ Instagram accounts) make a sh*t-ton of money from endorsement deals. So Priyanka, who is a global ambassador for Pantene, not to mention a global citizen (whatever that means) for GAP, is presumably raking in the dough—though exactly how much dough, we do not know.

So, What’s Priyanka’s Current Net Worth?

According to Forbes, that would be approximately Rs 75.5 crore or $11 million—though this was before she signed on her new Hollywood film opposite Chris Pratt, which has definitely added more than a few crores to that number. Oh, and if you’re wondering what Nick Jonas’ net worth is, the answer is a cool $25 million. Damn, talk about a power couple.