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Priyanka Chopra’s incredible collection of luxury bags

It's impossible to just pick one...

By Hasina Khatib  June 5th, 2017

A girl can’t just ascend to global domination without looking the part, and on that count, Priyanka Chopra’s drool-worthy bag closet stands her in good stead. Breaking free of the notion that she needs a man on her arm, she instead lets a steady string of signature Gucci totes and Pradas do the honours.

The constant shuttling between Mumbai and her adopted home, New York, gives Priyanka the prime opportunity to show off the fruits of her handbag fetish, and we like what we see. From the mandatory Louis Vuittons to the indulgent Valentinos, here’s a quick tour of the best arm candy from her wardrobe.

Meet the stars of Priyanka Chopra’s handbag closet

Her bag wardrobe is partial to Valentino, but we do blame Pier Paolo Piccioli for making it impossible to select just one. Priyanka indulged her soft spot for studded backpacks with another pick from Valentino’s Rockstud range. 

Given how quickly the Prada Saffiano Cuir tote flies off the shelf, we’re guessing Priyanka queued up early to get hers and has since been holding it dear. Not that we blame her; the roomy beige number scores majorly on both form and function. 

Given the choice between lugging a tote and shrugging on a backpack, Priyanka would gladly advocate the latter, but greater men have succumbed to the charms of Givenchy. The stately Antigona duffel was a constant by her side during the recent Baywatch promotions spree. 

Her list of luxury indulgences continues with the Gucci Sukey tote that has been by her side for better part of the past decade. The original GG tote packs in roomy interiors, the signature Gucci print and major street cred.

What’s a Bollywood A-lister without a monogrammed Louis Vuitton backing up her star status? Priyanka’s trusty Louis Vuitton tote (circa 2014) would like the world to know that she's only just beginning her conquest, thank you very much. 

Tone-on-tone ennui? Not for Priyanka. The Baywatch diva’s airport visits are a nod to the military trend, with her favourite Maison Valentino backpack. "I carry my whole life in my Valentino camo-print backpack. If I get on a plane and lose my luggage, I can survive with just my backpack," she admits.

Inside Priyanka Chopra’s holiday home

And her list of luxury indulgences doesn’t end there. Priyanka forked out some of her hard-earned dough to fulfill her lifelong dream of living by the ocean with a second holiday home on Baga Beach in Goa. “The bungalow has been the Chopras’ holiday home for a while now. Priyanka loves the idea of getting up in the morning and soaking in the sea breeze,” reports a leading news portal.