You can't miss Priyanka Chopra's first-ever ELLE shoot Advertisement

You can’t miss Priyanka Chopra’s first-ever ELLE shoot

The one where she admits she's a pyjama kind of person

By Mintty Tejpal  January 19th, 2017

The year is 2006, 23-year-old Priyanka Chopra already has her dates blocked by the movie industry’s biggest banners. Free spirited, witty, hard-working and astonishingly down-to-earth, Priyanka ushered in a new breed of Bollywood heroines. We bring you the souvenirs from her first-ever cover shoot for ELLE, along with some important outtakes from her interview:

She likes inventing new words

Her reaction to a piece of bling is immediate, “Oh my god! This is very tackola…. ” Her current favourite word, Priyanka informs us is mind-pumping. “Everyone says mind-blowing, so I say mind-pumping.” 

Priyanka Chopra loves to indulge herself

She gleefully informs us that she loves gizmos, and that she is a jeans, linen, pyjamas kind of person. Though she has over 200 pairs of shoes, the most expensive being a Roberto Cavalli pair, which she bought for $1,500. Her favourite designers are Tarun Tahiliani and Rocky S, but she claims she is not really into clothes. 

But the one thing she loves more than tech toys is…

Adventure sports. Priyanka has done bungee jumping at Locarno, white water rafting at Colorado and skydived from 30,000 ft in Switzerland, just three months before her 21st birthday. At the same time, Priyanka admits that she is the world’s laziest person whose favourite pastime is to slouch on a couch and watch up to five movies a day.

She trusts her instincts above everything else

“I decide first on my specific character, then the story, director and banner. And I follow my instincts. When I decided to do Aitraaz, everyone said it’s a wrong move. But I liked the character and trusted the directors.” 

Priyanka Chopra isn’t a gym bunny

“I don’t do any workouts, it’s just my metabolism and energy. Plus I love to eat – and I am totally non-vegetarian!”  

She was also a pretty chill daughter to have

As a child, how did Priyanka rebel? “I would put on loud music and dance in my room. Or I would sit down and do algorithms – I love maths!” 

She believes in minimalism

Why doesn’t she wear jewellery? The star smiles as she answers, “Because I want to be free…unfettered.”