Check out Priyanka and Deepika's sexy Met Gala debut Advertisement

Check out Priyanka and Deepika’s sexy Met Gala debut

Another day, another red carpet win

By Hasina Khatib  May 2nd, 2017

Priyanka Chopra’s at it again. The girl just can’t stay still at one place. After a busy week in India packed with back-to-back parties and events, the Quantico star dropped by the Met Gala to show ‘em how it’s done. But she’ll be having none of your princessy ballgowns, no thank you. Channelling some more of her girlboss act from Baywatch, a custom Ralph Lauren trench coat made the cut for her debut Met Gala appearance, with the dramatic train of our dreams.

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Priyanka’s stylist Christina Ehrlich admits that they browsed through designers from Christian Lacroix to Vivienne Westwood and Jean-Paul Gaultier, before settling on the all-American Ralph Lauren. A closer look at the details is where the genius of this trench-dress really lies. Priyanka’s team wisely opted for a top knot letting her popped collar and metallic eyes take the stage, front and centre. Those vintage boots from Azzedina Alaia added the element of toughness that we’ve all come to associate with Priyanka Chopra.   

Deepika Padukone accompanies Tommy Hilfiger to the Met Gala

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And she wasn’t the only Bollywood representative at the revered fashion gala either. Deepika Padukone marked her own Met Gala debut in a snowy gown with designer Tommy Hilfiger on her arm. Her hair embellishments didn’t win her too many favours with the fashion police, but her make-up artist wisely stuck to her signature winged eye and that radiant smile.


Meet the best dressed celebrities on the Met Gala 2017 red carpet

The gala paid homage to the genius of Rei Kawakubo, inviting celebrities to colour outside the lines. And on that, they delivered.

We promise you there's a Katy Perry underneath all that tulle from Maison Margiela Artisanal. A statement headpiece and veil worked their way into the pop icon's outfit, because well, Katy Perry.


Giving Kendall company in the sheer stakes, Bella Hadid prowled the red carpet in a beaded Alexander Wang catsuit. Not sure who's winning the ping-pong of this breakup, but we like what we see. 

Two years after promising that her first Met Gala appearance would be her last, Amy Schumer lifted her self-imposed ban and joined the festivities in a liquid leather dress from Zac Posen. 

Fast facts: Kendall Jenner's La Perla gown is fashioned out of 85,000 crystals. Oh, and it is all held together by one string. (More details here.)

Queen of OTT, Kim Kardashian took a back seat by downplaying the drama in a no-frills Vivienne Westwood number. Not very Rei Kawakubo of her, but there's no faulting the minimal aesthetic.

On the very opposite end of the spectrum, Lena Dunham gave full reign to her kooky side in a flouncy Elizabeth Kennedy gown and combat boots. She also managed to tuck a Planned Parenthood pin into the ruffles of the dress, in solidarity with the organisation. 

Oh, sweet Rihanna. The fashion maven took to the night's theme in an ornately structured Comme des Garçons number, paired with matching eyeshadow and thigh-high strappy heels. "I can’t really walk in it without help—but it’s so worth it,” she admitted to Vanity Fair in an interview.

Angelina Jolie didn't punch in attendance at the power cocktail night, but was present in spirit: Gigi Hadid's wide-legged stance look familiar? The model couldn't walk up the coveted stairs with beau Zayn Malik, but did just fine on her own in a sculptural mini dress from Tommy Hilfiger, of course.

We'd talk more about how Zendaya is lovingly enveloped in Dolce & Gabbana, but that afro is earning every minute of its airtime. Factor in that luminescent sheen, and we hope her make-up artist gets a raise. 

Solange Knowles added her two pence to the avant garde theme of the night in a Thom Browne number with a quirky parka for a train.

The unofficial boudoir theme curried more favour as Selena Gomez showed up in a silken lace maxi from Coach, compounded by a slew of steamy hugs with boyfriend The Weeknd, much to the paps' delight.


Blake Lively turned up in a feathered concoction from Atelier Versace that would have Serena Van Der Woodsen wiping off proud tears with a perfectly manicured nail. When you tear your eyes away from the ombre plumage, here's how stunning it looks from the back. 

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