Following Priyanka Chopra's emotional trip to Africa Advertisement

Following Priyanka Chopra’s emotional trip to Africa

The actress flew straight from the Met Gala to Zimbabwe to carry out her duties as Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF

By Hasina Khatib  May 5th, 2017

Standing to attention at the annual couture shindig that is the Met Gala can be tiring, but Priyanka Chopra still had some of that boundless energy to pass around after a day of posing for the shutterbugs. While fashion’s biggest names let their hair down at the after-party, Priyanka bowed out early to catch a flight to Zimbabwe. Back in December last year, the Baywatch star was announced as the UNICEF global goodwill ambassador where she urged people to, “Choose humanity; let’s choose to act now, let’s choose to fight now and let’s choose to ensure a better world for our children, their children and the generations to come.”

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Delivering on that promise, she caught the first flight out to Harare after her Met Gala stint. As part of her first African field visit, Priyanka spent the day with young survivors of sexual abuse, the adolescent-led peer groups that help provide them a second life and the adult mentors who wake up daily with the hopes of reaching out to more children.

Her preferred weapon of goodwill? Bindis. “We don’t speak the same language but we all seem to love bindis. Took some for the kids from India and they seemed to love them! So much concentration! Ended up on noses too… Not just foreheads,” she laughed.

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“I couldn’t keep this inside me so bear with me. If I tried to explain what I’m feeling right now, at the end of what has been an incredible day, I know words will fail me. So I’ll just let the photos speak for themselves and let those beautiful faces with all those emotions shining in their eyes speak to you as they did to me. They made me believe, with every fibre of my being today, that there is good still left in us all and if we make even a little effort, we can somehow start to heal this world we live in,” Priyanka gushed.