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8 products to help you fall asleep faster

Calling all insomniacs

By Trisha Chawla  August 23rd, 2017

So you’ve hit the pillow and warmed up in your blanket for a good night’s rest. But when the thoughts about your work day or that Zara dress you left behind won’t let you fall asleep, counting sheep just won’t cut it. Sure, there’s a pill to get your fix and there’s the other option of binge-watching Netflix till your eyes turn red, but you’d rather put your bet on these trust-worthy products. From sleep-inducing essential oils to silk pillowcases and masks, count on these to get your beauty sleep because we know it’s your favourite thing to do.

Dame Essentials Rose Gold Pillowcase, Rs 10,999 for a set of two

Think of this silk pillowcase like an overnight treatment. For starters, the silk feels soft on your skin and helps retain moisture levels. But the best part it is that the smooth fabric avoids pulling and tugging of hair, making sure your blowout stays in place for longer.

Anatomicals Silk Sleep Mask, Rs 860

If the little LED lights on your air-con, TV or phone keep interrupting your sleep, slip on this slogan eye mask that’s also made of super soft silk. Like it says, nod off and let the world sod off.

Jo Malone Amber and Lavender Bath Oil, Rs 3,800

This warm and comforting bath oil is the perfect aid to a good night’s sleep. The sweet smelling almond and avocado oils will pamper your skin, while the fragrance of amber and lavender will work to relax tensed muslces.

Lush Sleepy Body Lotion, Rs 1,100

Blanket yourself in this creamy concoction of tonka beans, lavender and cocoa butter. If the raving reviews are anything to go by, this is a sure shot cure for insomnia.


Nykaa Naturals Pure Essential Oil in Lavender, Rs 350

To calm nerves, put a few drops of this relaxing lavender aromatherapy oil on your pillow or massage it on your feet for a relaxing treat. 

Forest Essentials Tranquil Sleep, Rs 850

Spiked with sandalwood, nutmeg and lavender oils, you can trust this mist to help you destress and ease anxiety. It’s your ticket to unwind, when an exotic beach holiday seems like a dream. 


Neal's Yard Remedies Aromatic Massage Oil, Rs 1,950

Knead through tight muscles with this nourishing oil that will relax and drop you to sleep. Bonus if you get someone to do it for you. 

Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Roller Ball, Rs 1,328

Roll this vetivert, chamomile and sandalwood cocktail on to your pulse points to fall into an undisturbed slumber. But before that, make sure you set your alarm(s).