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How to look less tired, according to your favourite celebrities

Wake up without make-up

By ELLE team  February 7th, 2018

“OMG, are you feeling sick?” “No, that’s just my face.” Most interactions on those no-kajal days go down like this. Which is why make-up artists and skin experts alike admit that one of the most frequently-asked questions they get is how to look less tired. 

But don’t worry — that does nothing but cause wrinkles and then we have a whole new host of problems to deal with. Just like you, me and all other regular folk, celebrities look tired all the time too. Constant application of make-up, late-night shoots and life in general will take its toll on you. If it can happen to Priyanka Chopra, it can happen to anybody.

But like the rest of us, celebrities have places to be and things to do and looking tired can’t get in the way of that. So, we’ve put together the celebrity hacks, routines and rituals that  will solve all your ‘ how to look less tired ‘ problems instantly.

How to look less tired — even without kajal:

Kim Kardashian's white eyeliner

Kim Kardashian West is a fountain of useful beauty hacks, and one of her all-time favourites has to be the miracle of white liner. Lining your lower lid with white liner gives the illusion of larger eyes. Avoid that puffy, morning squint with this quick-fix solution. 

Celebrity make-up artists Elton has all the answers

Elton Fernandez has painted every face from Alia Bhatt to Deepika Padukone, so you better believe his method is tried, tested and approved. Aditi Rao Hydari almost exclusively gets her make-up done by him and she always manages to have a fresh-faced dewy look. Elton has confessed that his favourite make-up tool is the curler as it really "opens up the face and eyes". He's also said that a curler does the trick more that mascara. And while the unibrow works for Freida Kahlo and Kajol, "Getting rid of that unibrow really opens up the eyes and makes your nose look slimmer.”

How can your hair help out?

Fashion week is one show after the other, often resulting in models looking tired mid-week after doing a few dozen shows. Paris-based runway hairstylist Odile Gilbert has a solution. "Pulling your hair into a high, tight ponytail literally gives your face a little lift, so you look refreshed." Odile told a popular beauty magazine.  Skip the bed head, this hack even works if you're on your third unwashed day. It's a win, win. Luckily we've got all the products that will help you get that red carpet updo. 

Malaika's tip will turn your world upside down

What's the first thing Malaika Arora does when she wakes up in the morning? A headstand or handstand. That's right, the actress gets inverted to help blood circulation in her body and kickstart her systems. The rush of blood to your face also helps boosts skin cell regeneration and does the same for your hair.