Be the unapologetically Propah Lady you were meant to be Advertisement

Be the unapologetically Propah Lady you were meant to be

PUMA brings you the era of women in their boldest avatar

By Avani Thakkar  October 22nd, 2019

Cross your legs, speak softly, don’t eat too much—are just a few of the innumerable conventions that women are supposed to stick to. PUMA’s latest campaign, Propah Lady, challenges the stereotypical notions that restrict women and encourages them to throw out the rule book. This inclusive campaign is countering the traditional idea of what makes a woman ‘proper’ and redefining it to leave the do’s and don’ts behind.

It features four powerful women who have broken barriers in their respective fields—Olympic boxer MC Mary Kom; international athlete Dutee Chand, Bollywood actor Sara Ali Khan and transgender model Anjali Lama. The campaign’s video showcases these empowered role models taking a stand and normalising the idea of living unapologetically, despite society’s conformist outlook.

The narrative is playful, fresh and spins a fun angle on an issue that has been dictating norms across cultures and generations for years. Celebrating individuality and a bold perspective like a Propah Lady, it introduces to us the new-age female who is strong, outspoken and unafraid.

PUMA could not have chosen better protagonists to see through its vision for Propah Lady. Mary Kom and Dutee Chand have not only rewritten the sporting history with their determination and incredible passion, but also inspired other athletes to do the same. While actor Sara Ali Khan is known for her authentic and #NoFilter persona, Anjali Lama is breaking gender barriers with her incredible work in the fashion industry, and has been the first transgender model to walk the Lakme Fashion Week runway.

This groundbreaking campaign by PUMA is hopefully just the beginning of the era of quirky storylines that pack a punch with its robust messaging. Here’s to all the Propah Ladies out there, and the ones in the making.