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At a time when everyone is focusing on their health, nutrition plays a big role in maintaining overall wellbeing. While we’re piling our plates with fresh veggies and superfoods, sometimes that may not be enough. With new diet trends popping up on our social media feeds and uncertified supplements, nutrition is largely a grey area.

Sushil Khaitan, Luke Coutinho

A holistic lifestyle coach in the field of Integrative Medicine, Luke Coutinho often states that it is essential to approach our health in a holistic manner. This involves taking care of yourself from the inside out, and making the best decisions for your mind and body every single day. To create a brand that embodies this philosophy, Coutinho partnered with Sushil Khaitan.

Since childhood, Khaitan has been a fitness enthusiast, and for the past five decades he has spent his time learning more about wellness. He firmly believes that there are no quick fixes to health, and a balanced diet with proper fitness regime forms the foundation for good health. After 30 years of experience in the metal and marketing industry, in the year 2017, Sushil expanded his business into the health sector to follow his true passion. Along with Coutinho, he created a health and wellness brand, Pure Nutrition with a vision to make it easy for everyone to practice holistic wellness and preventive healthcare.

Pure Nutrition aims to deliver the best and purest form of nutrients from nature. When it comes to health, cutting corners, making compromises and settling for low-quality supplements can do more harm than good. To ensure efficacy, the brand selects ingredients that have high bioavailability, which means they can be easily absorbed and circulated effectively through the body.

Ahead, read about Pure Nutrition’s bestsellers…


Pure Nutrition supplements

Curcumin with Black Pepper

Are you looking to support your immunity but don’t know where to start? These antioxidant-rich curcumin and black pepper extract-laced supplements are a good place to begin. They claim to reverse free radical damage and keep inflammation at bay.


Pure Nutrition supplements

Vitamin C

This vitamin has been known to zap infections and boost immunity. This supplement is formulated using the age-old health-boosting favourite–amla and orange peel extracts. The vitamin-C in these supplements enhance skin, bone and joint health.


 Pure Nutrition supplements

Zinc ZMA Plus

Known to have anti-acne properties, zinc when consumed orally can help heal wounds by improving cellular repair and thereby preventing further inflammation. Pure Nutrition’s Zinc ZMA Plus supplements are also packed with magnesium aspartate and vitamin B6 which can help calm the mind and promote better sleep.

Pure Nutrition supplements 

Immune Pro

Your immune system is the first line of defence against all germs and infections and Pure Nutrition’s potent blend gives you the upper hand your body needs to fight them. The concoction of various herbs and probiotics help neutralize toxins and viruses and maintain the balance of healthy bacteria in your body.



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