#ELLEQuarantineGuide: How To Uplift Your Mood At Home With Little Things

Let’s rewind to the 365 days that have been all about a constant cycle of PJs, satiating junk food, recurring cabin fever and social media news updates that we want a full stop to. Finding happiness in a time like this can be a crossword on its own, and maintaining a positive mindset can present itself as a whole new challenge. In case you’ve found yourself in a rabbit hole of irrational, dejected thoughts, then consider this as your helping hand to help you pull through.

From light-hearted movies that come guaranteed with good vibes to Instagram accounts that will spread positivity on your feed like confetti—here’s everything you can do to make things a little better in quarantine.

A Movie To Watch: Eat Pray Love

Starring the iconic actor Julia Roberts, this movie is a beautiful travelogue that will serve you with all the warmth and lightness. Peppered with pleasing and scenic locales, endless rounds of spaghetti and wine, greenery and pivotal spiritual learnings, trust Eat Pray Love with your eyes closed to help you get through a rough day.

A Book To Read: Red, White & Royal Blue


With an unpretentious, funny and charismatic LGBT romance storyline, this book will let you escape the dreariness of quarantine. Written by Casey McQuiston, the novel revolves around two characters. — Alex Claremont-Diaz, the First Son of the United States and his relationship with Henry, a British prince.

Read the book online here.

A Song To Tune In To: Banana Pancakes

Composed by American singer-songwriter Jack Johnson, this song was written when he was trying to distract his wife while she was busy doing something. Banana Pancakes is as feel-good as it could get, and the music is certain to uplift your mood.

Listen to the song here: Spotify, Apple Music

Three Instagram Accounts To Follow

With daily news updates and stories floating around on the world wide web, it can get easy to find yourself mentally exhausted. Our say: give your social media a makeover with these accounts that will radiate some positivity, colour and good thoughts in your everyday feed.



The co-creator at the origin of the viral #InstaRainbowChallenge, Zeena Shah’s feed is anything but dull. The overall vibe is playful, vibrant and one scroll is sure to leave you feeling relaxed.



Whether you have a penchant for alluring manicures, fuzzy white linen sheets, stacks of gorgeous-looking lipsticks or candles that spell home, this handle is for you. A cursory glance through this page is like a session of meditation in disguise.


Tackling emotions of anxiety and uncertainly can be tough in quarantine, especially when you can’t step out. In case you have found yourself in trouble navigating through these feelings, then this page has got your back. Think little reminders to help you cope with your inner sentiments to simple things to do at home and make each day easier.

Photographs: Instagram, Pinterest

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