Five quarantine trends rated from 'Never Again' to 'Taking It Forward' Advertisement

Five quarantine trends rated from ‘Never Again’ to ‘Taking It Forward’

Do we really want banana bread and dalgona coffee for breakfast in a post-coronavirus world?

By Gargi Agrawal  May 25th, 2020

Think of the spare time you had on your hands before lockdown. What did you do? Leisurely scrolled through your Insta feed? Decided to take a five-minute nap that lasted for exactly five minutes? Or maybe watched an episode of your favourite sitcom and called it a day. Flash forward and now we’re here: Binge-watching TV series back to back, cooking things that don’t have a name (or origin), taking naps that last for three hours straight, and let’s not forget, trying out the viral quarantine trends.

And now that the curve of these trends has flattened a bit, we decided to judge the show. Ride along.

Dalgona Coffee: 

We’d like to extend our sincere apologies if you’ve tried this trend thinking it would be a great replacement for your morning cuppa. With that amount of coffee and sugar in your system, we won’t be surprised if you put paper to pen. Regardless of the time, this viral beverage turned us all into baristas day in-day out. A workout in its own, this drink is your average cold coffee that took a trip around the world (and came with a lot more foam to spruce up your ‘gram). But will we try to perfect that foamy caffeine peak again?

Verdict: Never again

Dalgona Coffee

Banana Bread: 

The world could run out of flour and eggs, but you’d still find pictures of banana bread popping out of ovens on social media. The banana bread trend has trickled down to the kitchens of your favourite celebrities. And while we sit here and enjoy another slice of this quarantine snack, here’s a question: Why is everyone baking this thing in lockdown? (Theories are welcome in the comments below).

Verdict: Never again

Banana Bread

Tie-Dye Sweat Sets: 

To be sure, tie-dye is a fashion trend that is quite circular. It becomes really popular, it dies (pun intended) and then again, there’s a tie-dye resurgence. And this time around, the print made a comeback in quarantine and gained more traction than ever. From the likes of Hailey Baldwin to Riverdale actor Madelaine Petsch, tie-dye is certainly here to stay and will make an appearance again. Just like they say, old is gold.

Verdict: Doesn’t matter. Going to come back again anyway

Hailey Baldwin
Hailey Baldwin
Madelaine Petsch
Madelaine Petsch

Zoom Parties:

If you’re an introvert, chances are you’ve faced nightmare after nightmare with friends blasting your phone for you to join a zoom call (correction, zoom party). And if you’ve made it to your screen then congratulations because we know you aren’t leaving. In the pre-pandemic world, video calls were clearly underestimated for the feeling it brings along. Just one click and you see your squad. And as much as we’d love to carry this trend with us in the post-pandemic world, there needs to be a rule: No more than three faces allowed.

Verdict: Taking it forward

TikTok challenges:

Now that we’re bored in the house and we’re in the house bored, why not just dance our blues away? From epic challenges to bad singing and dancing, TikTok has become a creative outlet of sorts. We’re taking this quarantine trend forward (for that dance sesh at 7pm on a Friday night, which we’ll never post).