Model of the moment Radhika Nair works ungendered fashion Advertisement

Model of the moment Radhika Nair works ungendered fashion

Watch her move flawlessly between the gender lines

By ELLE team  February 20th, 2017

Among the flurry of perfect bodies on the Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2017 runway, one covetable mass of curls made heads turn. If the honour of becoming the first Indian woman to walk for Balenciaga weren’t enough, Radhika Nair topped it up by making it to all the new-models-to-watch lists. 

The world of fashion is steadily ripping old ideas of femininity to shreds, and Radhika is here to teach us a thing (or two) about how to move flawlessly between the gender lines. Watch this model-of-the-moment cradle androgyny with ease for our special #Ungender issue this month.

Satin twill jacket, Rs 26,310, polyester lace trousers, Rs 35,650; both Solace. Sterling silver earring, price on request, Misho

Silk top, Rs 26,000, Miuniku. Cotton trousers, Rs 14,100, Bodice by Ruchika Sachdeva. Polyester cap, Rs 2,799, adidas

Cotton, satin and scuba shirt, Rs 14,250, Kanika Goyal. Coated cotton coat, price on request, Dhruv Kapoor. Satin shorts, price on request, Sanchita. Leather high-top sneakers, Rs 8,999, adidas

Denim jumper, Rs 53,030, denim trousers, Rs 53,030; both Stella McCartney. Leather and metal heels, Rs 1,46,500, Hermès. Mesh socks, stylist’s own. Leather cap, Rs 2,799, adidas

Cotton and polyester top, Rs 30,630, faux leather skirt, Rs 34,360; both A.W.A.K.E. Cotton and lycra studded trousers, Rs 18,500, Rohit Gandhi + Rahul Khanna. Leather boots, price on request, Tommy Hilfiger

Crepe lycra jacket, Rs 15,800, crepe lycra trousers, Rs 9800; both Hemant & Nandita. Leather loafers, Rs 5,499, Clarks

Mesh and leather T-shirt, Rs 15,500, Huemn. Brocade shorts and blazer; both prices on request, Dries Van Noten

Cotton and polyester hoodie and acetate glasses; both prices on request, Dhruv Kapoor. Cotton trousers, price on request, Bodice by Ruchika Sachdeva

Cotton shirt, price on request, Pringle Of Scotland. PU-coated cotton shorts, price on request, Dhruv Kapoor. Cotton coat, leather belt; both prices on request, Michael Kors

Cotton shirt, price on request, Michael Kors. Embroidered net top, Rs 30,690, denim kilt trousers, Rs 51,130; both Mardou & Dean. Acetate glasses, price on request, Prada.

Photographs: Bikramjit Bose. Styled By: Malini Banerji. Art Direction: Reshma Rajiwdekar. Hair And Make-Up: Deepa Verma; Model: Radhika Nair/ Inega Model Management; Assisted By: Jahnvi Bansal, Poorvasha Dobriyal (Styling)