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4 Stunning Ceramic Watches that Work as Hard as you do

Clocking in new rungs on the corporate ladder, clocking out after a therapeutic session on the treadmill. Checking in to new professional highs, checking off those long-prophesized items on your bucket list. The ELLE woman is so much more than a decorated multi-tasker. On the go at work, on the run during those precious hours off; you need your watch to be so much more than a functional timepiece.

That’s why Rado’s new range of ceramic watches are your best ally.

The Rado Centrix Automatic Diamonds features a lightweight, flexible bracelet that gently embraces the wrist, offering exquisite comfort and grace. This 28 mm automatic watch is elegantly encrusted with diamonds.


With a plasma high-tech ceramic case, rose gold accents and 66 diamonds, this Rado HyperChrome Diamonds Automatic effortlessly combines sporty with glam. Roman numerals and additional diamonds on the dial round out the look. 


The Rado True Open Heart is crafted in polished black high-tech ceramic and features the clean, light lines of the True family. The 40 mm case stands out thanks to the razor-thin mother-of-pearl layer that floats over the dial, providing a subtle exposure of the automatic movement below: the literal heart of the watch. 


 Embrace minimalism with the new Rado True Thinline's clean design and easy comfort. With a case that measures just 4.9 mm, it is also the thinnest ceramic watch that Rado has ever produced.


Shatter that Glass Ceiling at Work

Trying to be everywhere at once at work may not have been printed in the initiation manual, but that’s the only work ethic you’ve ever known. Pinching every minute for all the work you can pack into it, you know the true value of seconds gone by.

If you must constantly keep an eye on the clock, make it the classic Rado Centrix Automatic Diamonds. The encrusted dial gives you just the hint of sparkle that you need to shine as you take on the day.

Beat your personal best at fitness

If life were a game, you’d be your own cheerleading squad. Constantly driven to outdo your personal best, you know how to pep talk yourself into sticking to your regimen and make those precious hours count.

The mundanities of daily life can get stifling, so steal a few precious minutes away to relax wherever you find a calm space. Clocking in at 4.9 mm, the feather-light Rado True Thinline is the weightless workout buddy you need 

Cross things off that bucket list

Yes, your smartphone commands all of your attention, but disconnecting from the screen makes for one of life’s smaller joys. Revel in a stolen pocket of time, away from the pressing demands of your to-do list.

You never know what the day will bring, but the Rado True Open Heart is game for any adventure. The high-tech ceramic case makes for a sturdy buddy, while the sheer mother-of-pearl layer over its ticking automatic heart makes sure your street cred stays high.

Give in to the rhythm on the dance floor

Finding an accessory that’ll effortlessly take you from desk to drinks isn’t easy, but the Rado Hyperchrome Diamonds is up for the challenge. Get your glam on with this rose gold number, accentuated with 66 precious diamonds, that promises not to tell where the night will take you.