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Raghavendra Rathore x OBEETEE’s rugs and carpets are just what your home needs

Rugs, but make it fashion

By Subhanjana Das  January 31st, 2020

When the vanguard of Jodhpur regality in fashion and the torchbearer of ornate Indian rugs join creative forces, can you expect anything less than a visual treat for your home? The collaboration between ace fashion designer Raghavendra Rathore and OBEETEE brought about Proud to Be Indian, a collection of 16 rugs in 13 designs. The design practices of both the brands have been indispensable in showcasing ancient India’s design prowess in a contemporary way. While Rathore’s creations, especially the patent Bandhgala suits, have Jodhpur royalty written all over them, OBEETEE brings Rajasthani craftsmanship in rugs to the fore. For this collection, the ace menswear designer merges the brand’s colour, techniques, and concepts for a classic stamp with an edge.

“Designed for a modern customer who would find the bygones era appealing, the signature of the RR designs were also conceived to encourage artisans to look at colour, techniques and concepts from a fashion point of view. Giving carpet design a seasonal spin, like the cycles of fashion,” shares Rathore.

A close up of a carpet from the Raghavendra Rathore x OBEETEE collection

Raghavendra Rathore

Mirzapur-based OBEETEE prides itself on being the oldest handwoven rug company in India. The brand is putting Rajasthan’s royal rug-making on a global map. Their rugs use wool from Rajasthan and silk from Bangalore and are dyed in Jaipur, carrying the artistic footprint of not only Rajasthan artistry but also its centrality in Indian heritage. OBEETEE’s spokesperson Rudra Chatterjee shares, “Rajasthan had a totally different rug culture which was making rugs for the palaces. So the yarns and colours were very focused on what Rajasthan would need and what Indian taste would be. We are basically tapping into that territory with this collection for celebrating the creativity and artistry of Rajasthan.”

Motifs used in the carpets

Rudra Chatterjee, Chairman of OBEETEE

Every space needs its pièce de résistance, and what better than an eye-catching rug to do the job?