Raghavendra Rathore is raising the bar for fashion education in India

For those of you considering a career in fashion, this will brighten up your day. Designer Raghavendra Rathore has launched his own institute, Gurukul School of Design in Jaipur, which is all set to begin its first batch this August. Offering a four-year Bachelor’s degree in design, Raghavendra aims to revolutionise the teaching methods of fashion education through a contemporary curriculum and a holistic approach.

“Gurukul School of Design (GSD) will focus on a new way of teaching, and it has the potential of becoming a roadmap in fashion and design in all of Asia,” believes Raghavendra. “The course is designed in a way that’s sustainable in India, and it’s not affiliated with any international college.” The four-year course — conceptualised by Raghavendra and in partnership with Jaipur-based Amrapali Jewels — promises to be flexible in its approach. “In the first year, students will learn the technical skills about fashion, while also experiencing the culture around the world. They will be made to realise the importance of modern tools, like a mobile phone, and how vital the role of technology is today,” says the designer.

gsd collage by Raghavendra Rathore

“The second year will focus on understanding the essence of fashion, and how you visually interpret information. Trips to cities like Florence, Italy, will aid in the students learning the language of high-end fashion,” he says. Apart from this, industry interactions will help in understanding how to avoid pitfalls. “The third and fourth year will focus on the handloom hemisphere as well as management, finances and new tax structures that will help in formulating a strong entrepreneurial base for the students,” says Raghavendra.

What sets GSD apart from other fashion schools is its belief in the Gurukul way of life that imbibes the traditional Indian values of guru-shishya concepts. “At the end of the course, the students will be adept in giving back to the design world as well as the society through their work,” says Raghavendra.

Address: Plot No- IS-2019, Institutional Area Ramchandra Pura (Sitapura Extension) Jaipur, Rajasthan

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