Ranveer Singh plays the protective boyfriend with Deepika Padukone Advertisement

Ranveer Singh plays the protective boyfriend with Deepika Padukone

Crowd control

By ELLE team  December 2nd, 2017

Deepika Padukone has been at the receiving end of some nasty threats from fundamentalists and goons thanks to her starring role in the controversial Padmavati. And given the intensity of the backlash — all without a single one of the easily offended parties even having watched the film that’s based on a supposedly fictitious queen — it’s no wonder that boyfriend Ranveer Singh is feeling a very protective of his lady love lately. 

After the Filmfare Glamour and Style Awards 2017, Deepika and Ranveer headed to filmmaker Zoya Akhtar’s house. As per usual, the ever vigilant paparazzi got wind of the happy couple’s whereabouts, and swarmed the streets outside. When Deepika decided to call it a night, Ranveer decided to escort her out to her car along with a posse of bodyguards. He held on to his girlfriend’s arm the whole time to make sure she was safe.

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Only after she was securely deposited in her car, did he make his way back inside to the party.  

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Ranveer plays protective boyfriend to Deepika Padukone