Ranveer Singh wants to spark a rap revolution with his new music label Advertisement

Ranveer Singh wants to spark a rap revolution with his new music label

The first single is out already

By Shree Vrinda  April 1st, 2019

Actor Ranveer Singh and Filmaker Navraaz Eranee take the Indian rap game ahead as they launch their new label, IncInk, in an attempt to unearth Indian rap/hip hop, modern poetry and more. In this independent music company, ‘Inc’ stands for Inclusive, and ‘Ink’ for Inkalab, revolution through art. Ranveer describes IncInk as a passion project which aims to affect social change in society.

“When Navzar and I came up with the idea of IncInk, it appealed to my core, my heart. We are first starting with launching some really raw, immensely talented, new rap and hip-hop artists who we believe will be the next superstars. This poetry is speaking of a revolution, it is speaking of how India is protesting against class structures, injustice, and social atrocities. It is the voice of India, from the streets of India that you just can’t ignore anymore. I hope that we can present some of the strongest, boldest voices of Indian youth to the world,” says co-founder Ranveer Singh about his latest music venture.

The artists to look out for are Kaam Bhari, SlowCheeta, and Spitfire who have been signed on by the label, and are also Ranveer’s favourite artists on the scene right now! Expect hard-hitting songs to shake up the Indian music industry quite unapologetically, like the label’s first single titled Zeher featuring Kaam Bhaari.