Ranveer Singh gets caught in a sexism row

With the whole world embroiled in a conversation about women’s rights and gender equality, it would seem dangerous to resort to potentially sexist imagery in order to sell products or titillate audiences. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what edgy fashion brand Jack n Jones found themselves accused of.

As part of their latest campaign starring Ranveer Singh, a billboard featured a formally dressed Ranveer carrying (who we can assume to be) his female colleague on his shoulders, while a bellman smirks knowingly in the background. The caption reads, ‘Don’t hold back. Take your work home.’

Not surprisingly, the internet was not impressed by this.


Responding swiftly to the criticism, the brand withdrew the ad and tweeted this in response:


In an interview with NDTV’s Shekhar Gupta, Ranveer Singh reiterated that the ad was not intended to be sexist. Let’s just put this down as a win for women’s empowerment, shall we?  

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