What you should be reading, based on your favourite TV show

The worst thing about loving a TV show is having to wait until the next season rolls out. While scouring the internet for any nugget of information about the show is the usual remedy recommended for this plight, you can go old school and turn to the printed 9 or digitally reproduced) word to tide you over until then. We’ve curated a reading guide based on your television viewing preferences. Assume favoured couch potato position and let the bingeing begin.

If you loved: Stranger Things (Sci-Fi)

stranger things

While nothing can really distract our minds from the long, long wait for the second season of Stranger Things, these sci-fi specials can go a long way to fill the ‘upside down’ sized void in our hearts. 

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If you loved: 13 Reasons Why (Mystery/Drama)

13 reasons why

The TV show that caused a storm on social media has been adapted from a novel of the same name by Jay Asher. While 13 Reasons Why has been largely criticized for its depiction of mental health issues and suicide, there are some who praise it for starting a conversation about these taboo issues. If you haven’t read the material it has been adapted from, do it now, while adding the following titles to the pile. 

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If you loved: Gilmore Girls (Comedy/Drama)

Gilmore girls

With Rory’s bombshell of an announcement at the end of Gilmore girls: A Year in the Life, knowing the fate of the TV show is more important than ever. While the Netflix overlords are yet to announce any return date, you can get your fix of small town drama and quirky-but-relatable female characters from these books.

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If you loved: Outlander (Period/Romance)


Outlander will always be credited with giving the world a renewed appreciation for men wearing kilts. It also gave us the tragic love story of Claire, who travels back in time to the Scottish Highlands, and Jaimie, the kilt-wearing Highlander she first meets back then. If you love your books to be set in the days gone by and have strong female characters that aren’t afraid to speak their minds, then these books might help you cope until we get Season 3.

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If you loved: Black Mirror (Dystopian/Satire)

Black Mirror

You didn’t know whether to laugh or despair at the dark future depicted in the anthology series because you know how messed up it is if that’s where we’re headed. Whether technology will one day manipulate our existence or not, we won’t know till season 4 airs. You can read these darkly humorous books as you wait.

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