5 reasons women find sex painful. And how to solve it

Sex doesn’t always end in glowing skin and a cigarette. The painful truth is that sometimes it hurts. Not the good kind of pain but the straight up,”do people actually do this for fun?” kind of pain. A study found that 30% of women experience pain during sex for a variety of reasons, from endometriosis (which Padma Lakshmi famously detailed in her book) to dryness that could be the result of a medical condition like hormonal changes or bad behaviour, like your partner’s lack of foreplay.

Sometimes, it’s simply that you haven’t found what works for you yet, and the easiest way out is to have an honest conversation with your partner. Whatever the source of the problem, there’s no reason for you to suffer in silence or pretend that you’re enjoying it when you’re clearly not. 

5 reasons why sex is painful for women

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